me and my

October 3, 2007

I cannot be left alone with my thoughts. It’s too dangerous.

One of these days, I will just be so inspired by the moment, and probably do the unexpected.

Escapism. The one thing that epitomizes the.farand.effect.

You’re all probably heard this before.

But what you haven’t heard, is tucked safely and comfortably in my mind.

It’s the one thing that puts me to sleep, and probably the reason why I can’t wake up sometimes.

Bah. Fuckin emo-sounding this whole post. But I’m not.



One Response to “me and my”

  1. denise said

    the reason why you cannot wake up is that you don’t want to.

    adam is a nice name.

    you can forget everyone who knew you as farand but those who knew you as farand will not forget you.

    you always do the unexpected so there’s no need to be beat up about that.

    your thoughts are always your own and you’ll always been alone with them. how dangerous? i don’t know because you’ve been okay so far.

    stupid and silly boy. will buy you maltesers next time so you don’t have to eat other people’s food.

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