just another day.

November 17, 2007

I think working on an island has it’s benefits.

I am, somehow, able to either focus completely on my work, or just stone when there’s nothing to do. No other distractions. But at home, thoughts run wild.

It’s awesome.

Anyhoos, I would like to present the chronicles of my desk @ obs.

My first desk, with a good view.

IMG_9268 5

My second desk, with a not so good view. And a little cramped. I had to use the space between the printers as my file rack.


And now, my newest desk! Not really much of a view, but so much more space. The printer’s gone by the way. So even more space.


The darkened area in the top left corner shows magnets from Selene. But I would like to bring your attention somewhere else.

Note the 2 Pooh items on my desk.

The Pooh cushion was bought by Michelle and the guys at THub for my birthday. I use it to support my back when it hurts after sitting too long.

Then there’s the Pooh cup. It was a gift from a colleague at my dept when left in end October. She was very amused when she first saw my cushion in September. She refered to it as ‘Pooh bear’.

So now I have 2 items that are Pooh, much to the amusement of numerous colleagues who come by my department.

“Aiyo, why you so girl one?”

Need I say more?


One Response to “just another day.”

  1. themanyselenes said

    when i’m feeling rich, i’d buy this month’s August for you.
    or you can always wait till you get your $1.2k.

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