the last lap. or month.

December 14, 2007

Well, after today, it’s just 4 more weeks to the end of my internship.

“So fast!”

Yes it is. I guess it’s a good thing that time flew by, but it also means that a lot of my personal goals were forgotten and neglected. Especially the exercise part.

Yes Fiq, I know.

Fiq said I’ve been talking about getting into shape since I met him. That was at the end of year 1? Come to think about it, I’ve been saying that since Sec 3. And look what happened. Haha.

Anyway, I’m definitely going to miss working here. When I first started, I said the boat trips every morning sort of perks you up. Cos to me it’s almost like leaving things behind on mainland (macam very far liddat), and going to a nice little island, so theraputic. Selene said I’d get sick of it. Well, I get sick of work sometimes, but not the journey. (:

This is a photo of my colleague, Lyn. She came in 1 month after I started my internship, so we’re both newbies. But she really makes me laugh and just lets me forget about how *ahem* my boss can be at times. And she talks about anything and everything, which is funny!


I took this when we were on a photo shoot reccee. Hope that photo shoot can materialise. Dying to have that in my portfolio. But it all depends if time permits. 4 weeks to rush a newsletter, revamp website and photoshoot is very ambitious. Woo.

It’s the final lap. Awesome. (:


4 Responses to “the last lap. or month.”

  1. seleneagain said

    stop editing people’s photos until they look like mannequins.

  2. denise said

    ya. edit edit still got the fucking pimple on the nose. stupid idiot.

    retarded boy. shave your legs.

  3. the.farand.effect said

    so mean. ):

  4. denise said

    -it’s all about YYYOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!-

    YUCK. sew your eyes shut. won’t need much thread.

    we’re sorry we drank your coke. we did however, run for the bus for YOU and i offered you MY vitasoy (which selene got specially for ME).

    -it’s all about YYYYYYOOOUUUU!!!- splat

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