the perfect words never crossed my mind.

January 13, 2008

Yes. As scheduled, it’s emo time again.

NPOB’s 14th AGM is just round the corner, and, amidst the flurry of activities now, I’m beginning to stone a lot, a sure-sign that I’m emo.

There are a million memories I wouldn’t trade for npob being part of my three years in NP.

I still can remember Year 1. Like being the only guy from fms at the grand stand every Friday. My first overnight in NP during ICamp. My first trek through McRitchie. My first summit atop Stong.

Reading a friend’s blog about how he would like to turn back time to secondary school again made me think about what people say. Some say secondary school are the best years of your life. But it seems that for me, it’s poly.

Of course, nothing can take VS’ place in my heart. Once a Victorian, always a Victorian. No doubt about that.

VS shaped me as a person. Who I am, what I believe in, the things I do so on. Without VS, I wouldn’t be able to look back with pride, and I definitely wouldn’t be in NP. She made me who I am.

But it is in NP that I feel I have grown so much more. Be it the stress from MassComm, assignments, bitchin’ and all; or the countless nights in OB, editing videos, camp preps, and late night adventures, I’ve had the most fun time of my life.

Of course, if you have friends who cut your leg hair when you’re asleep and paint your toe nails red when you’re not looking, it elevates the status to “It f*ckin’ rocks!”.

But honestly, if I didn’t join ob, I don’t know what I would have become.

What started as an interest, eventually turned into a responsibility, and now, a full-fledged burning passion. And I have had the chance to be with those who share this amazing passion not just for the club, but more importantly, for each other.

For most of us, NPOB has become more than just a club, more than just a place to meet friends, more than just a time to get together. NPOB has become part of our lives, and an irreplaceable one at that.

The times we have shared, cooking in the cold, trekking in the rain, laughing through adversity, is special to us, and only us. No one else would understand why we would spend our Fridays in school till 11pm, or help out in camps in the middle of the school term.This special something, what thing that we’ll remember 10 years from now. It’s what we’ll think about and laugh, and what we’ll recall with pride.


Thanks guys. (: For everything.


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