my one true love.

February 14, 2008

So I’ve been updating my Resume, and decided to re-edit my photo from the photo shoot, so I can put it in the document.

Here it is.
<–click here–>
Roll over your mouse on the image to see the original, unedited version.
(Sorry I can’t embed the roll over into this post. WordPress is really strict with all this security stuff. Grrr. Tempted to switch back to Blogger. Rawr)

Changes made:
Upped contrast
Removed OB logo from shirt
Removed stray hair from forehead
Removed hotspots from nose and cheek
Removed spot, pimples, pores
Sharpened photo
Smoothed skin
Whitened teeth (Yes they are very yellow in comparison.)
Added vignetting effect

Yep, that’s about it. Finally I have learnt how to photoshop skin without making them look like plastic dolls/mannequins.

Yes, this is a rather narcissistic post. So sue me.


One Response to “my one true love.”

  1. rockstar yo. said

    can we have our photos done like yours too, except without removing the ob logo.
    but i’ll like the “Removed hotspots from nose and cheek. Removed spot, pimples, pores” especially.

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