a world without.

April 29, 2008

And so comes another post.

April 2008 has been a good month. Despite being relegated to PES D and being extremely broke, I’ve had a great time.

Getting Class3 was oh-my-god ecstatic.
Ho Chi Minh with Wei and Drew was fantastic crazy awesome.
KL with OB was hysterical fun.
ICC has been really enjoyable.

A world without friends, is like a chocolate cake, without the chocolate.

Yumm. I like mine with chocolate.

How about you? (:


2 Responses to “a world without.”

  1. themanyselenes said

    I like mine with chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries and ice-cream!

  2. denise said

    i would have thought we added more flavour than chocolate – like Mr Bean and beanie vanilla.

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