old souls.

May 14, 2008

An exerpt from the book “In Heaven as on Earth” by Dr. M. Scott Peck.


“Timmy,” I began, “do you know why you died so young?

“On the surface. I was what my friends used to call ‘an old soul,’ as if I’d been born somehow already knowing most of the lessons life on Earth has to teach. Why I was an old soul I don’t know except it had nothing to do with reincarnation. Maybe it had to do with my genes. Both you and Mom had a bit of an old soul, whether you were aware of it or not. Nor do I know why it was specifically leukemia or why it was seventeen instead of twelve or twenty-five. But being born with an old soul is a bit like being born tired. I really didn’t want to live very much. It had nothing to do with you and Mom. The two of you treated me very well. Almost too well. It was just that I was always yearning to come here.”


Fantastic book. Read it.


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