possibly the best.

June 3, 2008

Stuff. Lots of it. For what is possibly the best three years of my 19-going-to-be-20-year-old life.

Graduation’s just over, so I thought I’d pay a tribute to the people who made my life from May 2005 till now so awesome.


Denise, Selene, Ilhammi

Oh my god I don’t know where to begin for you guys.

I have been *cue british accent* bloody lucky *end british accent* to have known you three. I really cannot imagine what I’d be like if we weren’t friends family. No one else has made me laugh and smile to myself more than you guys have.

I still recall FMS orientation. Going to collect ez link card, taking train home, and how you forgot my name on the same day. And there are many other things I still recall. The time you lent me a pink shirt while my FMS shirt was washed and dried. Aiyo so many more I can’t (and lazy) to list. You are, by a clear mile, the strongest person I know, and have been nothing but inspirational. Thank you for always knowing what to do and say (despite your PP-ness). Thank you for the endless “Be carefuls” and good mornings and good nights. And thank you, for farting in my face.

Like you said, our friendship started with Denise as common ground. I still remember once we were planning an outing and I said we should reschedule cos Denise couldn’t make it and you replied “Why we cannot go out together?! Why must have Denise leh?! Wa lau.” (Ok, not exact words, but around there la ya?) You have brought me endless joy and laughter with your “hoo hoos” and your… your… funny-nes! Really no other word can describe how bubbly and comical you are to me. “Punch you!”, “hoo hoo”, “wa lau eh”. No one says it like you do.

First met you at Pepper Lunch when Selene brought you to meet Nad and I. Didn’t really talk much till that fateful day when Denise and Selene walked into the lingerie shop and we had that akward convo while watching that hair-tying-thingee video. (Yes selene, I’m still talking about it.) But I guess BT was the one eh? *raise eyebrows* You’re like the fire cracker of the four of us, and I’ve never seen anyone who loves his girl more than you do.


If there’s one thing I regret, it’s not getting to know each of you better. But one thing I definitely don’t regret, is having the chance to know all of you. You guys have made my life so much more exciting, and I’m really, really thankful for that. I’m always touched by how much you’re willing to do for each other, from planning birthday surprises, to camping out in the rain to support your friends in the marathon. Really, thank you.

13th Comm

Unforgettable. Really sums it all up for me. We were small, but, if I may say so myself, we were damn good. I really don’t know what else to say. Everything time I think about what we’ve gone through, what we’ve done, I smile. And I think that’s says enough. (:

14th Comm

Well well well, what can I say. You guys really made my last year in NP the greatest year ever. With you guys, I’ve experienced highs and lows, and are nothing short of phenomenal. Watching each and every single one of you grow into what you are today, just makes me so damn proud. I’ve never led a team as capable and supportive as you guys. We’re like one big family, with our fair share of happiness, sadness, anger blah blah. But what we have gone through is special, to us and only us. Let’s never forget all the fantastic memories ya?

Kelvin, Syafiq, Wen Ting

Heh remember this?!

Wahaha. Two years in the comm with you have been fantastic. Can’t imagine not having you in the comm. Always wanted to say this, but never got the chance to. Though in title you’re the VP, but to me, we’ve been always been Co-Presidents. I think we can be very proud of what we’ve done as Ps of 14 comm, and thank you, for everything.

Remember AGM 2006 when we first got into 13 comm. Haha we barely knew each other then. You’re the guy who’s really good at getting yourself and everyone else high, and you know how to have fun. And it’s influential! When you’re high, everyone else around you is high. But really, thanks for being there when I needed someone to talk to, and vice versa.

Wen Ting:
Partner! You’re such a bubbly and cheery and positive person, and so SO happy that we got to know and work with each other. The two years with you in the comm was really enjoyable, and we really make a good team! First PR/Log, and now Pinnacle! 28 June 2008! Woo!

Wei and Drew

5 years man. I think there’s really not much that needs to be said. Somehow, I feel/know that my going to poly made us lose contact for a while. But hey, I think we’re right back on track don’t you think? Heh, what with Vietnam and our future Weiner-Mobile.

Like what drew says. When we’re with you, somehow, we’re always eating. Heh. I really can’t remember a single time when I didn’t laugh whenever we meet. You’ve got the wackiest ideas, and can make even the most boring thing/person in the world funny.

Repeat after me: ANDREW IS NOT FAT. Your mind works in funny ways, and it’s awesome that way. I can laugh, or I can enter a world of deep thought when I talk to you or read your blog. And sorry wei and I always make you travel so far so late at night. We promise we’ll let you get even. 😀

There’s really so much more I can yak about, but like I said, I don’t think I need to. Love you guys.


Honestly, I think this is going to be the best three years of my ENTIRE life. I really REALLY think so.


3 Responses to “possibly the best.”

  1. themanyselenes said

    aiyo. so nice.
    waiiiit a minute.
    is it because i wrote that post then you realise you wanna write one too?
    tsk. i knew it. everything also want to copy.

  2. oweh said

    i – faints-
    just – faints-
    want – faints-
    to -faints-
    say -faints-
    OWEH -faints-

  3. andrew said

    i ❤ eeu too

    (but you wouldnt BELIEVE how much food I had last night)

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