quietly, secretly

August 16, 2008

I watched Money No Enough 2.

It was a nice movie, but Jack Neo’s just not my cuppa tea. Same ol’ storyline and execution.

But I must give him credit for always being able to spot crucial and timely issues faced by Singaporeans.

Money No Enough 2 was about (pardon my summary skills, but I ain’t no movie critic) family ties, revolving around three brothers, each with different lifestyles and families, and their mother.

While there were the touching moments (too many, in my opinion), I pondered the effect it had on me for a few days.

Some people cried 4 times in the movie (don’t worry SELENE, I won’t tell people it’s you).
I thought I would just as I did in Jack Neo’s earlier works, but I didn’t. Maybe my eyes welled up a little, but that was it.

It’s the perfect movie to tell people that you should never stop being grateful to your parents for raising you, showing people what the elderly go through at home with their families, yada yada yada…

Now my family ties at home ain’t that great, and DURING the movie, I felt kinda bad I guess, like an ingrate. My mom watched the movie on the same day, but with my dad, and when she came home, she said something like “Ha nah you see la next time will you liddat…?” upon learning that I too had watched the movie.

I think this movie might have just pushed me in the opposite direction that I think the movie wants to push people.

A rather incoherent post. For that, I apologise.