August 29, 2008

I would like to talk about hard work and determination.

Well, I think I need more of it.

In other news, I cut the nail of my right index finger too deep, and somehow, that fingertip hurts, like a sore feeling. It is also the finger that got sliced by the long-metal-thing-in-the-display at work on sunday.


9 Responses to “17771”

  1. Andrew said

    YOU need more hardwork and determination?

  2. Wei said

    Crazy fella… The only one’s working harder than you at the present moment is Obama…

  3. fandah said

    My left thumb nail split across 😦

    I have that sore feeling too.

  4. rae said

    hahahahhaaha wei and andrew are funny =P

  5. Wei said

    Of course we’re funny! That’s why chicks dig the both of us! Farand’s really nice to know, and is an awesome friend, but WE are lusted after. =D

    Sad truth is though, that some girls are so into anime characters, that they absolutely, unequivocally fall in love with farand’s eyes and canine… Hmmm…

  6. farand said

    i have great friends.

  7. Andrew said


  8. rae said

    AWWWWWW! so precious!

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