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September 29, 2008

Ok. So my last day at ICC has past. I feel a little emo-ing of sorts is in order.

I remember calling ICC in March asking if they were looking to hire. “Kelvin” took my details, but I never got any reply. So I called again and Jo answered and told me probably only April.

Little did I know that very same week, I got a call on the fine Saturday of 15 March, asking me if I could work later on that day. 

And so it began, my wonderful awesome days at Ice Cream Chefs.

Out of all the places where I’ve worked, ICC is definitely DA BOMB. The place is fun, the work is fun, the people are fun. And I’ve made more friends here then any other place I’ve worked at. And they’re not just the Hi/Bye type of friends. Usually I call the people at work I know my ‘colleagues’. But the people at ICC. I naturally used the term ‘friends’. (:

Funny times, angry times, busy times, boring times, crazy times. Really very awesome. 

My last day was completely awesome pls. It was the Ultimate Dream Team for me. Blue Eyes, Jon, Cass, Cyn and I. Too bad my female self wasn’t there. 

Blues: you full of funny ideas and things to say. AKA full of shit.

Jon: this person introduced me to the world of boxing/muay thai. sports fanatic. and is damn funny when something amuses him.

Cass: when work with her sure got customer say funny things one. TAM TAM, TIM TUM, Chocolate & HershLEYS, OreA (supposed to be oreo), MMM (M&M). wahaha. 

Cyn: shortbread lover. creme brulee lover. watermelon ice cream lover. and the only person other than Rachel who thinks ms swan is funny!

Rachel: female self! somehow 1st day work together alr ppl think we best friends. when it was only the 2nd time we met. sadly about 100000000000000000000 km away in Illinois. and ultimate JINXer. 

I’m going to miss working. I already do. 

Thanks guys (: I’ll be back!