September 11, 2008

The age of food has come.


9 Responses to “colosso.”

  1. rae said

    nice taggie line yoooo.
    why r ur entry posts now one-liners?!

  2. farand said

    acting cool.

  3. Andrew said


  4. Andrew said

    sorry i forgot cool people dont speak in caps. i must not lose myself.

  5. rae said

    omg i couldnt associate andrew, whose impression I have is the voice deep deep one (like a bear bellowing), to being quite silly and funny, until this moment.


    Male self, one liners are so nottttt cool!!!

  6. farand said

    cool, they are.

  7. A Random Good-looking Stranger said

    Drooo’s voice is so not deep, rach!! He screams like a woman! I mean.. An interestingly pitched man!

  8. farand said

    droo drew but drew is droo.

  9. rae said

    omg i now know where to go to when I need a good laugh! haha u silly boys

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