like glue somehow.

September 26, 2008

Hi there. 

12 days 22 hours 30 minutes 13 seconds to NS.

Been letting my mind wander very very far these past few days/weeks. While I’m pretty sure of what’s going on, somehow I’m starting to think I don’t. 

I blame NS for my recent shopping spree. But I digress. For that, I apologise.

Confused or not, yes. Still very much so. TV with YouTube and not-so-tight deadlines are a lethal combination really. 

I find myself trying very hard to type stuff to sound as ambiguous as possible, but I think it might make me seem as ‘trying to act cool’. Hmmm. I shall stop here.

12 days 22 hours 23 minutes 30 seconds to NS.


2 Responses to “like glue somehow.”

  1. ting said

    I cant believe you also count the seconds! lols.
    act cool? hahahaha. take care ((:

  2. denise said

    RAWR ding

    lethal combination: self denial + sloth + severe escapist tendencies

    good luck

    RAWR RAWR ding


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