just because

December 15, 2008

it’s Christmas. 

The holiday season is here, and I don’t know what that means for you, cos for me, it means only one thing. EMO!

I concur that if I were to type what I’m feeling right now, it would be similar to the posts that I penned the same time last year. So I shall stop here.

10 years ain’t that long.

Or is it?


9 Responses to “just because”

  1. rae said

    pls explain to me what 10 years mean, gurlfrannn

  2. the.farand.effect said

    you must watch made of honour. ah.

  3. A Random Good-looking Stranger said

    Hahaha.. My gosh bro… Change movies, change movies!!!

  4. rae said

    WEI STOP CALLING URSELF GOOD-LOOKER! hahahaha thick skin! i will complain to my cynthia. MYYYY CYNTHIA *war cry*
    sorry sorry i miss her too much *bows*.

  5. andrew said

    isnt it maid of honor

  6. andrew said

    i want to eat zhou kitchen dimsum

  7. andrew said

    AAAAND im back from australia! (sorry the thoughts just keep pouring in…)

  8. farand said


  9. An Obvious Good-looking Stranger said

    Woah, Andrew is spamming, huh??

    Hmmm.. Rachel, I have absolutely no idea who you’re talking about! I’m simply, a random good-looking stranger passing by this blog! However, I do know a Cynthia Ong, and she’s already taken by a gorgeous, gorgeous male specimen! =)

    Anyway, Farand, how bout going to Eminent again and inviting the drinks stall auntie for New Year’s Eve? =D =D =D

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