there she goes.

May 16, 2009

At this very moment, I should be going to shower and prepare my hand luggage. 

But what made me decide to blog is the fact that I don’t feel anything.

No excitement, no fear, no apprehension, no enthusiasm. 

It’s like any other book-in day.

But it’s not.

Jaded? Confident? Unassuming? Complacent? I don’t know really. But after some serious thought, I realise that this 21 days is probably going to be the highlight of my NS/OCS/young adult life. 

Adult life.

Two of my best buddies just had their 21st birthday celebration last night. As I sat there listening to their thank-you speeches, images of our friendship flashed through my mind. 5 years doesn’t seem long. But in these 5 years, they watched and helped me grow into the person I am today, and I’ve witnessed how they’ve become the fine young men they are now. 

Friendship is defined as the emotions or conduct of friends; the sate of being friends; a state of mutual trust and support.

To sum it up: amazing.

We’ve all had lots of friends, be they mere acquaintances , good friends, close friends, best friends what not. I’m lucky to be able to count *squints* Wei and Drew as part of the very special group of people who have made a difference in my young life.

And I really hope that everyone who reads this will find / have found people as special as they are to me, to be part of their lives, because while there’s no such thing as a perfect life, the right people can help to just bring you that much closer to it. 

To Wei and Drew, all I want to say to you guys, I already did in your cards. But thank you for just being you, and have a great 21st. 


Cheers my brothers!