August 10, 2009

Thanks guys. (:


4 Responses to “awesome.”

  1. Wei said


  2. andrew said

    eh why youtube!!!

  3. Anonymous said

    We once knew a guy named Farand,
    He was a pretty fart!
    He had so many girlfriends,
    I don’t know where to start!

    They first saw him in Victoria,
    Where he had slits for eyes,
    And a little canine,
    And I thought pink was nice!

    Oh Aye-di-aye-di-aye-di-aye-di-aye-di-aye-di-aye!

    He started watching The Nanny,
    And worked at Ice Cream Chefs!
    He mixed all sorts of flavors,
    And thought he was the Best!

    Then he joined the Army,
    And loved the bloody life?!
    So here’s a Happy Birthday,
    Signed, Your Buddies for Life!!

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