the science of the soul.

December 29, 2010

I realise I cannot think deep thoughts when there is music playing.


Hello there.

There have been many times these past few days where I sat down with nothing to do, and simply remembered.

How Bryan told the whole school to keep quiet when they announced second place for X-country, and simply raised out his hands towards the sky when the MC said: Victoria School.

How the things that were said and done that made my mind go crazy all this time. In S’s words, hoo-hoo.

How I felt triumphant for the first time in my life, when Wing Comd shook Ivan’s and Jeremy’s hands before mine.

How fascinated I was watching my pre-school teacher Mrs. Yang eat rice with a fork.

How I met the friends I consider family.

How I started to drift away from my own.

How shivers ran down my spine when all 22 of us would turn up for training, and do the best foot-drills in Singapore.

How when I was 3, I would cry so loud when I woke up and found that my mother had sneaked off to the market, until she had to come home and take me along.

How I soiled my pants in Primary School. Twice.

How my cousin ordered everyone not to cry when my Uncle’s body was about to be cremated.




Really, how?




You tell me. You.


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